alex gizis.

Internet speed-obsessed CEO, developer, sci-fi geek, and dad

I’m Alex Gizis, CEO of Connectify, a Philly-based tech company that specializes in developing easy-to-use and powerful networking apps for all your devices.


I host a weekly livestreamed talk show called Speedify LIVE

Speedify LIVE focuses on the industry of livestreaming as well as the software and technologies that power it and frequently covers topics related to internet connectivity.
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Over the last few years, I’ve been obsessed with the idea that users should have access to fast Internet across all their devices no matter where they are. Starting with our first and most popular product, Connectify Hotspot, I wanted to build a fully-functional software router so I didn’t have to carry around yet another piece of hardware. And, I wasn’t alone! Connectify Hotspot has been downloaded over 100 million times and has users all over the world.

Next came Speedify, where we’re solving the problem of slow Internet on smartphones, tablets, and laptops with our revolutionary channel bonding VPN. Speedify lets you use all of your available Internet connections at once, for blazing fast speeds and increased security and reliability. Fast Internet is truly a game-changer, and far too many Internet providers are actually trying to slow you down. That’s why I write about issues surrounding Internet speed, net neutrality, insights on building a consumer startup, and other stuff on our company blog, Medium, and elsewhere.